Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rental

From  $49.00 Daily

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rentals

Only 5.0 lbs., including battery
One-touch start
Delivers pulse flow settings 1-5
Dual curved design
Auto Breath safety feature
Large, easy-to-read digital display
Convenient top-access battery
Single lithium-ion battery provides 6 hours of runtime
Controlled Minute Volume technology
Vacuum pressure swing adsorption technology

Day based pricing : Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rental
Friday - $49.00
Saturday - $49.00
Sunday - $49.00
Monday - $49.00
Tuesday - $49.00
Wednesday - $49.00
Thursday - $49.00
Discount Rates
3 - 5 days : 9 %
6 - 6 days : 38.99 %
7 - 7 days : 44.9 %
8 - 14 days : 55 %
15 - 29 days : 65 %
30 - 365 days : 78.24 %
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Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rental Includes:

  • Live Active Five Portable Oxygen Concentrator
  • 1 Lithium-ion Battery
  • AC Power Adapter with AC Power Cord
  • DC Car Adapter
  • Custom Carrying Bag with Adjustable Shoulder Strap and Carry Handle
  • Accessory Bag

Another Great feature about this oxygen concentrator that others don’t have is that when using the car charger, it will actually charge the battery while in use. This is a must have going on family trips.

A valid prescription for this product is needed. Once the order is placed, a Coastal Medical Equipment representative will contact you in order to collect and verify your prescription information. You can also email it to sales@coastalmedicalequipment.com or click Select File below to upload it. Thank You.

The Highest Purity

Only Precision Medical provides vacuum pressure swing adsorption technology (VPSA) ensuring each sieve bed is perfectly rejuvenated every cycle. This results in clean sieve beds, so they can produce high oxygen purity for a long period of time.

More Battery Life

Less Anxiety

Each lithium-ion battery packs more than 6 hours of runtime! The simple, top-loading design of the Live Active Five allows you to quickly change the battery while the device is still in the carry bag. We purposely designed it so you can conveniently extend your battery life as needed without having to carry the extra weight of a double battery.


Carry Bag

The Live Active Five comes with a custom-designed carry bag that allows you to comfortably wear the device on either side of the body or as a cross body. This dual curve design keeps the nasal cannula in place, and the bag’s smart strap prevents it from accidentally unhooking from the oxygen outlet. No matter how you choose to wear the Live Active Five, the custom carry bag always keeps the unit’s screen and cannula front-facing. The carry bag strap has a soft padded cushion that makes the bag feel lighter while carrying and helps ease back and shoulder pain.


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